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About 3B Supply

3B Supply is headquartered in Cleveland, OH, and maintains dozens of satellite offices across the USA. As one of the fastest-growing Integrated Supply providers, 3B capitalizes on its extensive supply base relationships and history, while also innovating a more lean, streamlined business model that has delivered exceptional returns for hundreds of our customers across the country. 

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The History of 3B Supply

3B Supply has been around since 1991, originally as the Integrated Supply business unit of Barnes Distribution, a global distribution company started in 1857 (NYSE: B) and headquartered in Cleveland, OH. Formerly called Bowman Industrial Supply Division and Barnes Integrated Supply Group,  the business unit was spun off as its own company in 2008, renamed 3B Supply, and became exclusively dedicated to Integrated Supply. Barnes Distribution continued on successfully for several years and was acquired by MSC in 2013.

Without the constraints of a mixed distribution model, 3B Supply has the flexibility to innovate and streamline Integrated Supply practices significantly further. 3B Supply has perfected a business model and revolutionized what Integrated Supply can do through lean principles, deep expertise, and a time-tested model with extraordinary returns for hundreds of customers. With our history, stability, and revolutionary innovation, 3B Supply is well-positioned to redefine the future of what truly efficient, effective MRO distribution can be for industrial manufacturers across the country.