Why Integrated Supply

Integrated Supply Means Supply By Design

Traditional purchasing systems, in which the customer orders from hundreds of suppliers, are more inefficient and more costly than ever. With so many suppliers, it's difficult, if not impossible, to establish relationships with vendors. It's also nearly impossible to keep up with the paperwork, receiving, and inventory levels.

The days of large purchasing departments, cumbersome quote/purchase order processing, and lack of inventory management add up to one thing: excessive costs. With the advent of Integrated Supply, more and more customers are making the costly traditional model just that - a past tradition - and are taking the necessary steps to get ahead.

Why challenge the Status Quo? Because indirect material procurement and management is not a core competency for most, but impacts the bottom line of all companies around the world, in the following ways:

Traditional distribution costs:

  • Resources directed at production or R&D needs
  • Indirect material viewed as necessary but not strategic
  • Paper-based communication and manual processes
  • Build up of excess inventory
  • Higher-priced goods/services
  • Slowed new product introduction
  • Decreased internal customer satisfaction
  • Unable to track/manage costs
  • Lost market share

Integrated  Supply benefits:

  • Manage and report reductions in total operating costs
  • Leverage purchasing to create savings
  • Manage inventory to maximum efficiency level
  • Collect and organize pertinent data to guide reporting
  • Effectively allocate resources within business scope
  • Eliminate redundancies by standardizing processes
  • Provide product standardization opportunities for approval

Short- and long-term advantages created by Integrated Supply:

  • Full-time onsite support provided by industry experts
  • Successful implementation experience with multiple sites
  • Successful with varying site size and complexities
  • Universal site and process compatibility
  • Quick change deployment
  • Productivity improvements
  • Inventory reductions
  • Purchase price deflation

Great to work with. Friendly people. Really responsive. Saved us tons of money. I would highly recommend for any company to work with 3B Supply. 

Doug W.

Maintenance Manager