Vending Solutions

Vending Technology That's Changing Everything

3B Supply has partnered with industry-leading developers of inventory management solutions for vending, secured crib solutions, chemical transaction management, affordable RFID systems, offsite inventory management, and more. 3B Supply customers may need some, none, or all of our technology solutions - and we are committed to providing precisely what is needed. These machines and software help our customers achieve the deepest levels of spend control, which had previously eluded them.


The original SecuraStock has reliably served the MRO needs of industrial manufacturers across the country. Featuring a "best in the world" three-year warranty; simple design; and no moving parts, coils, or motors to break, SecuraStock uses state-of-the-art motion-sensing technology to monitor and  record activity. SecuraStock machines even maintain power during outages.


 SecuraCrib offers a state-of-the-art Virtual Storeroom with up to 32 motion sensing cameras, controlled entry access, & more.

We can convert any size space into an Automated & Controlled Inventory Storeroom. A fully manned Storeroom is the closest alternative. With our technology, a SecuraCrib Storeroom can do more for less. 


Affordable, high-tech, and adaptable to almost any environment, SecuraWave brings RFID product tracking to manage and secure your inventories. With capacity of unlimited items, SecuraWave allows your employees to simply take what they need and walk out. Its check-in/check-out capability reusables are automatically returned to the storeroom.


Need to secure a Conex Container or Trailer and automatically manage the parts stored within? SecuraPort can help. Its universal Gate & Fencing converts Conex Containers & Trailers into Automated & Controlled Inventory Storerooms. With a plug-n-play universal fit and

heavy duty keypad for entry, SecuraPort is a quick, smart solution ready to work for you.


SecuraChem is the first smart and secure hazardous materials management system ever - and it is the only such storage unit to control flammable and hazardous goods, with built-in Automated Inventory Control, automatic Notifications of non-compliant activity, and expiry dates tracking.


SecuraTrack is an affordable, efficient solution to help track and manage your inventory. With capacity for unlimited items, SecuraTrack fits on your desk or a standard size cart for completely mobile deployment, featuring the same capabilities as all SecuraCrib systems! Or you can turn any manned storeroom into a state-of-the-art attendant/employee experience. 

We Can Support Any Vending Technologies

3B Supply is not restricted in supporting our customers with any types of Vending Technologies. Our Integrated Supply program is designed around you and your needs - and that includes the technology you need, too.