The 3B Difference

Annual Cost Savings Guaranteed, Onsite Program Management, & More

3B is one of the few companies to establish a "pure" integrator approach, focusing solely on Integrated Supply to avoid the distractions of participating simultaneously in the traditional distribution model. Integrated Supply programs offer inventory management systems, just-in-time availability, and better prices. The goal is Cost Savings in the entire supply chain process. Our programs go beyond procurement; they are designed specifically for medium to large-size customers to focus on achieving year-over-year cost savings in three areas: acquisition, possession, and consumption. When engaged as a full-service integrator, 3B will own the supply chain process. For our customers, we:

  • Perform all inventory management tasks
  • Eliminate thousands of invoices and clerical functions
  • Provide a single audit trail
  • Track performance to agreed goals

What's in the box?

Not just a product. 3B Customers typically get 20% Annual Cost Savings Guaranteed in Product, People, and Process.

Documented Cost Savings that are Measurable and Quantifiable.

Transition Hundreds of Hours Spent on MRO / Indirect Materials into Higher-Value Activities

THE 3B Supply model: How it works

  • 3B Program Managers are Full–Time, Onsite Support dedicated to managing all of your MRO Inventory.
  • Managers are not commission-based or incentivized for sales in any way; they are evaluated on Cost Savings and Spend Reduction.
  • Managers come from Technical, Sourcing, and Inventory Management backgrounds and are rigorously tested and trained.

My interaction with 3B Supply employees is great. We work very well together.”

douglas d.

Maintenance Operator