Program Qualification

A Simple Four-Step Process

3B Supply is as selective of our customers as you are of your suppliers. Our model is not an automatic fit for all industrial manufacturers. It is essential for us to understand your business and to clearly identify how our model will be successful for you. If it isn't, we don't try to sell you on something else. When we determine the fit to be a win-win, our customers are guaranteed at least $100,000 in first-year cost savings.

Fortunately, our process is simple and straightforward. It begins with our Introduction, where we learn about your business and you learn about ours. Then we can perform an Accounts Payable Analysis to qualify your spend. We validate our assessment in a Site Survey to document and detail the cost savings we can deliver. Finally, we craft a Proposal that is centered around your needs and puts our guarantee in writing.

Most importantly, these steps require very little of our customers' time and resources. We do all the heavy lifting and present the data directly to you with a minimum of your time investment. 

  • Introduction: 3B  learns about your business and shows you how our business model works in about 1 hour's time.
  • A/P Analysis: We analyze your spend to identify cost savings opportunities and present our assessment.   
  • Site Survey: We visit your site for a day to validate our A/P Analysis and to better understand your needs.
  • Proposal: 3B Supply crafts a targeted proposal that speaks directly to your Indirect/MRO challenges. 

Four simple steps can positively transform your Indirect / MRO supply program and deliever extraordinary returns to the bottom line. Let us show you how.  

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I enjoy all my interactions with 3B Supply. They are always in a positive frame of mind and a joy to work with.

kim c.

Finance Department