Data / Inventory Management

Leverage Our Expertise for Your Company's Benefit

Have you ever gone to get a part you know you had - only to not find it? 3B Supply knows best practices for inventory management and data analytics better than anyone. In addition, 3B Supply utilizes a state-of-the-art proprietary Inventory Management Software that includes automatcially rebalanced inventory levels, advanced analytics, and limitless reporting. We pair it with cutting-edge vending, low-cost RFID, and premier secured crib solutions. Wherever you have the need, we have you covered.

Storeroom Re-organization

3B Supply's planogram experts can detail and design the right secured crib solution to your facility's needs and specifications - and then provide all of the technology needed to make it happen.

Data Capturing Inventory Optimization

Optimizing your inventory turns just got a whole lot easier. 3B Supply has the knowledge and the skills to get it right. Most companies have too much or too little, but 3B specializes in making sure you have exactly what you need when you need it. And here's a secret - optimizing your inventory means you spend less, too, by saving money on unnecessary inventory or rush shipments. We can show you how.

Timely Inventory Re-Balancing Based on Demand

Rebalance your inventory with the click of a button. Sound too easy? Not for 3B Supply. Our proprietary software enables you to stay one step ahead of your inventory needs - at all times. Our Program Mangers keep your MRO controlled.

Reports and Data

To put it plainly, 3B has limitless reporting capabilities. No matter what the customer wants to know, 3B can deliver it in an easy-to-digest format that converts a bunch of numbers and percents into meaningful, actionable information. 3B has experience with a number of service measurements including the following:


  • 98%+ is a must and is strictly adhered to.


  • Unlock the potential to use like-for-like items in lieu of hard-to-find or costly proprietary ones.
  • The program tracks both potential conversions as well as approved conversions.


  • 3B has experience with a variety of ways to convert excess and obsolete material into cash.


  • 3B measures the volume of predictable, high-volume activity versus one-time purchases and specials to track how effectively they are at supporting the material needs at the lowest process cost.
  • The goal is to move more material toward routine replenishment at lower product cost and away from special ordering processes.


  • 3B benchmarks the last price paid for all items and then compares each subsequent purchased against the benchmark to see if the price is trending up or down.


  • During each site’s program implementation, 3B works with the customer and their finance staff to create a program to track process savings in a format that is credible to their senior management.


  • One important quality measure will be minimal error rates in the creation, placement, receipt, and payment of material orders.


  • 3B can use any accounting classification important to the customer.


  • 3B systems are designed to allow warranty information to be included in the database.

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