3B Technology

Our Cutting Edge Technology - Working For You 

3B Supply has developed numerous innovations that are revolutionizing the Indirect supply industry. Put our technical tools to work for you - securing Indirect / MRO products efficiently, on time, and at a level of savings you never thought possible.  

sourcing technology

3B Supply owns state-of-the-art sourcing technology platforms and equips our Program Managers and Product Specialists with the tools to service our customers better.

Need a new part you've never bought before? Need to find a lower cost options to a current item? Need strategic recommendations on product consumption alternatives? We can help - because this is exactly what we do.  

Warranty Tracking

Has your company ever purchased a replacement for an expensive item that was likely still under warranty? Having the in-house wherewithal to actually process a timely warranty replacement before an item is re-purchased is hard and tedious to track. 

Of all the thousands of items, who can really make that happen? 3B can. We save our customers thousands of dollars every year just on warranty replacements alone.

critical spares

Critical Spares mean everything to your production. When a machine is down, without a necessary critical spare, everything grinds to a halt. Every minute of downtime costs your company thousands and thousands of dollars.

3B Supply enables our customers to make sure they always have the critical spares they need - and we refine the data on new critical spares as they emerge, meaning you won't get caught underprepared for the unknown.