Why Integrated Supply?

Traditional purchasing systems, in which the customer orders from hundreds of suppliers, are more inefficient and more costly than ever. With so many suppliers, it is difficult, if not impossible, to establish relationships with vendors. It's also nearly impossible to keep up with the paperwork, receiving and inventory levels.

The days of large purchasing departments, cumbersome quote/purchase order processing and lack of inventory management add up to one thing: excessive costs. With the advent of Integrated Supply, more and more customers are making the costly traditional model just that, a past tradition, and are taking the necessary steps to adopt Integrated Supply as the new purchasing model. Why challenge the Status Quo? Because indirect material procurement and management is not a core competency for most, and it impacts the bottom line of companies around the world, in these ways:

An integrator like 3B Supply drives new thinking by capitalizing on its core competency: Complete MRO Procurement and Management

In Short and Long Term companies attain: