3B’s Service Model

In our On-Site Solution, 3B Supply associates reside on-site at our customers providing an all encompassing MRO and Outsourced Services Management Solution. They would be responsible for activities ranging from Storeroom Management, Tactical Buying, Strategic Sourcing and Continuous Improvement.

When setting up new site, 3B has used its experience to create a complete Project Checklist to help guide installations at new locations. The checklist identifies specific steps, assigns due dates and responsibilities and helps manage this very complex effort. It also has a section devoted to the customer team - who should be included, what they need to work on etc. For its portion of the implementation, 3B supplements the resources of the newly assigned personnel who will run the local program with specialty resources drawn from the existing pool of employees. This combination gives us the unique ability to support the most aggressive schedule. 3B uses a variety of temporary support personnel to help ensure programs are installed on time.